Group Distant Healing Sessions Limited Time Offer!

Are you ready to regain Mobility and Confidence to accelerate the bodies natural healing?

Each Sunday,  I will offer a group healing session for extended distant healing, using my modality Energetic Mergence.  Details will  be share in my new group “Energetic  Mergence Group Healing”

Energetic Mergence is a healing modality that uses hand-crafted healing cloths to direct and focus the energy.  With Energetic Mergence you get the benefit of an energetic healing and a crystal layout that will be in place for at least 48 hours where energies will continue to flow.

Results that are Possible
• Reduction in pain
• Reduction in stress
• Increased mobility
• Clear and Balance the bodies Chakra’s and Energetic Field
• Accelerates the bodies natural healing
• Boosts the immune system
• Increased confidence

What You Get
• Extended Distant Healing following the Group Session
• Instructions on how to actively participate in the daily healing
• Energetic boosts to the grid and additional healing
• Affirmations



Participation is $9.80 per week.


After each session a picture of  Energetic Mergence and the Crystal Layout will be posted  in the Facebook Group.

No need for you to be available at a specific time as energies will flow at the optimal time for each member of the group.

Healing/Coaching Disclaimer

By participating in any of the services listed on this website, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed health care professional or psychologist. Healing/Coaching services are not a substitute, for therapy, proper medical diagnosis/treatment or medications prescribed from your Medical Practitioners. All services are complementary techniques, not replacements when therapy and/or medical attention are needed as prescribed by your doctor.