Transmission for December 12, 2016

Note from Lisa ~ the messages on this page contain healing frequencies embedded within the message.  By reading these messages, you are agreeing to the frequencies provided within.  

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39906602 - flowers

39906602 – flowers

Dear Children of the Light, Starseeds and seekers of universal truths, healing frequencies are embedded within these words. These frequencies are available to you, and for you, from a space of light and love.

Universal healing is available to all feeling to tap into the frequencies. As we have previously talked about these words are embedded with healing frequencies.  We come at this time, as there is great work to be done on this planet.

Many have stepped forward, stepped up to the task, and are helping acclimate those that are new and waking up to the new vibrations. It may seem, as if the changes, that are occurring in each individual’s structure are too great to manage.  The physical construct of human form is in essence, dematerializing and reconstructing.  As these changes occur, the physical body undergoes changes and the human consciousness may experience disorientation and other physical symptoms as human structure adjust to higher frequencies.  This will pass as the human form, etheric threads, DNA and cellular structure are upgraded to hold these new frequencies.

For those that have previously awakened to, and are in tune, with these frequencies you will begin to instantly recognize others that share the same blueprint. You will have the option to join together to help facilitate and share these higher-level vibrations with those currently waking.  Knowing that all are connected to the great central one.

We wish to suggest that if there are periods of overwhelm — theses are adjustments to your internal structures.  It is during these times that it is critical to take time and focus within to ground your energetic circuits.   Seek out those who have undergone similar changes as they can help guide you on many levels.

Through these experiences know that you are never alone.  Divine guidance is always near.