Transmission for January 1, 2017

Note from Lisa ~ the messages on this page contain healing frequencies embedded within the message.  By reading these messages, you are agreeing to the frequencies provided within.  

If you are reading a transmission for the first time, click the following link to read the introduction and some of the ways to take advantage of the healing energies being provided.

60084296 - the big beautiful full-blown yellow flower peony close up

60084296 – the big beautiful full-blown yellow flower peony close up

Dear Children of the Light, Starseeds and Seekers of Universal Truths, healing frequencies are embedded within these words. These frequencies are available to you, and for you, from a space of light and love.


We come in light and love and to bring healing frequencies, which are embedded with, in the words that are being transmitted.  The words we speak can provide guidance and understanding on the universal level, as well as deep within your individual’s subconscious understanding. While we have stated healing frequencies are embedded within these words there is also transmitted the keys for individualized understanding of un-answered questions, issues, and concerns.

Each soul has the ability and to access these truths and knowing’s.  It makes no difference of physical status – all have the answers to any information that is available – each being knows this and may for a brief period of time forget the divinity within them.  Each being is the divine spark of light and love and has the answers to all, even while inhabiting physical form.   It is our intention for those reading this message that they look within and access that divine spark of understanding.  These words are here to assist self to the highest potential by accepting the frequencies provided within.

We realize for some it is a new concept to be able to access information directly.   It is your right as a divine being.  We invite you to access this information.

Find a time when you will not be disturbed.  Unplug all distractions.  Take time in quiet contemplation by setting the intention to receive information for the question or issue that is of concern.  This can be as simple as sitting or lying down and by accessing your breath. Allowing yourself to breathe deeply and completely.  Inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth until you feel tensions release.  Allow yourself to think of the question at hand and be open to the guidance received.  This guidance maybe, a word, a thought, a phrase, or full and complete resonance with the information.   Give yourself some time to sit with the energies.  Allowing the answers to settle in and acclimate in your energetic system. When you are ready slowly bring your conscious mind back knowing that the answers are within.  There is no information that cannot be reached. Set your intention and it is so. Know that if information does not immediately come forward – it will as soon as the energetic frequencies are optimal.

Know that you are never alone.  Divine guidance is always near.