Transmission for December 24, 2017

Note from Lisa ~ the messages on this page contain healing frequencies embedded within the message.  By reading these messages, you are agreeing to the frequencies provided within.  

If you are reading a transmission for the first time, click the following link to read the introduction and some of the ways to take advantage of the healing energies being provided.

20322949 - holy lotus on the water

20322949 – holy lotus on the water

Dear Children of the Light, Starseeds and Seekers of Universal Truths, healing frequencies are embedded within these words. These frequencies are available to you, and for you, from a space of light and love.

We are here today a message of love and light.  It is our intention that those meant to read these messages will be lead to this page and will find resonance to the frequencies contained within.

It is through coordination, light, and love, that these messages are transmitted delivered for those intended.

The facilitator for this information had made a promise to deliver these words once a specific level of individual vibration was achieved.  Conscious knowledge of this role was not known although glimpses revealed throughout the physical years of growth.  Since the facilitator is a being of divine light, as you are, opportunity was provided to move forward during these times.  There was acceptance and rejection of information and frequency being provided.  This is all part of the process when your soul accepts physical form.  For the facilitator, as frequency and light increased – the ability to hold more light became possible.   It was at this time the facilitator could easily step into this role.  The information is being shared with permission to help others and understanding that it is not always easy to be able to step into, and to keep, agreements prior to physical form.  To keep those agreements transforms one to the next levels of understanding. If those agreements are not reached, agreements will be carried fourth and achieved when ready.

We speak in terms of time, as that is what human form understands. On a broader level there is no time. There is pure existence across all aspects of each soul that exists simultaneously. This fully enables greater learning and growth to move forward towards a greater of understanding of these universal truths.

Know that you are never alone divine guidance is always near.