Transmission for December 22, 2016

Note from Lisa ~ the messages on this page contain healing frequencies embedded within the message.  By reading these messages, you are agreeing to the frequencies provided within.  

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10555762 - magenta waterlily abstract

10555762 – magenta waterlily abstract

Dear Children of the Light, Starseeds and seekers of universal truths, healing frequencies are embedded within these words. These frequencies are available to you, and for you, from a space of light and love.


Today we are speaking to the keepers of the light.  Those that have stepped up and moved forward.   Those that hold sacred space to allow those that are just awakening the safety and security to do so.   We speak to peacekeepers, the ones that allow the light to shine from within and illuminate the way for those starting out.   We applaud those that have taken on such tasks that have remembered who they are and their origins.  As you lead, the ones recently awakened will pick up the torch, and lead others that are awakening, and circle continues.

Each inhabitant of this planet is there for learning and growth. Each will awaken and remember when time is right for that individual being.  Each individual has many paths and avenues for learning.   Not all are spiritual way showers, however all are spiritual beings with a unique and individual role to play. All are equally important.

For those whom have chosen this path, know that, the task at hand is great. Many are waking at this time in your planets evolution and as you know the initial awakening can be filled with confusion and conflicting ideas from past learning’s.  The confusion will pass allowing some of those awakening to quickly move forward. Others will take longer for the seed of change to take hold. It makes no difference how long as time is relative and we have spoke briefly of this before – past, present, future are in fact one.

For the now, allow your inner guidance to lead, teach what you have learned and have integrated within your own being. Each will awaken when it is right for that being

Know that you are never alone divine guidance is always near.