Transmission for December 13, 2016

Note from Lisa ~ the messages on this page contain healing frequencies embedded within the message.  By reading these messages, you are agreeing to the frequencies provided within.  

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Dear Children of the Light, Starseeds and Seekers of universal truths, healing frequencies are embedded within these words. These frequencies are available to you, and for you, from a space of light and love.

We are here today to speak with you regarding time.  For those living on this planet that there is a linear structure based on Calendar month, day, and year, as well as, time based on a 24 hour day.  The time structure is necessary for those on planet to be able to have structure with in the day-to-day time frames however in reality there is no time.  All exists on the same continuum. Past, present, future are all one.

This has been a difficult concept for even the most advanced to accept.  How can one exist at multiple levels at one time?  This is the structure of your soul to fully optimize your experiences.  A linear time structure is needed for those living on your planet.  Without the linear construct of time, those living on planet would not gain full benefit of the learnings and lessons that will ultimately raise the consciousness.

When one raises vibration while still in physical form, one can receive glimpses of the time/space continuum and experiencing multiple lives in the same instant.  There are some that are able to tap into the connectedness of source and access these other worlds, dimensions, and universes, often without consciously being aware that this is occurring. These beings increase on a vibrational level as well as experience on a soul level. It is less important to understand the concepts that we share in this space but rather allow the healing frequencies, which are in embedded within the words, to assess your access of the higher dimensions consciously bringing forward, that which is needed for growth at the highest and greatest levels.

Know that you are never alone. Divine guidance is always near.